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The Art of Dance Through the Ages

Alexa Boyle '20, Staff Writer

September 24, 2017

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Dance is defined as, moving rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures. Dancing was not always accepted by society as a whole. Certain conservative and religious groups objected to the practice...

Uconn For the Win

Chaz Cornelius, Sports Editor

March 27, 2017

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Uconn is known for being many things, having a great engineering program, having thousands of students sign up to attempt to attend there and being basically one of the top tier colleges in Connecticut. One more thing that they are al...

The Browns are Down

Chaz Cornelius, Sports-Editor

November 1, 2016

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     Before the beginning of the 2016-2017 NFL season they got one major improvement that happen, they got him from the Washington Redskins as a free agent, Robert Griffin III. RGIII was one of the best QB in 2012 when he ...

Tom Brady Returns

Chaz Cornelius, Staff Writer

October 25, 2016

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     Tom Brady was suspended because of what he did in super bowl 49 where it was said that he inflated a ball which may have helped him play better, those who talked about this said that he should have been suspended line...

Say Goodbye to Manning

Chaz Cornelius '18, Staff Writer

April 26, 2016

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Peyton Manning is the latest Super Bowl winner beating the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in Super Bowl 50. Peyton Manning was injured most of the season because of an injury that was caused in week 10 in the game against the Charger...

Straight To the Money?

Chaz Cornelius '16, Staff Writer

April 19, 2016

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There are a lot of conversations on whether or not the NBA should have the ability to draft played as the graduate from high school. Most people would disagree with the ability to draft high school because the parents of these ch...

Steph Curry: Too Hot to Handle

Chaz Cornelius '18, Staff Writer

March 1, 2016

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Over the past weekend Steph Curry one of the best 3-point shooters there are currently in the NBA has broken his own record for 3-pointers in a single season which was 286. But after the OKC games with Kevin Durant and Russell W...

Boys Cinderella Run Comes to an End

Ruben Roman '16, Sports Editor

November 30, 2015

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The Boys Soccer Team was having an amazing season until it was all brought to a premature end because of a freshman unaware of the rules.

Soccer Team’s Best Record!

Ruben Roman '16, Sports Editor

October 26, 2015

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For the first time in a very long time the Central Boys' Soccer Team has been playing incredibly well.

Girls Soccer Team Settles for a Tie

Ruben Roman '16, Sports Editor

October 3, 2014

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An exciting game all 80 minutes, Central scores 2 goals and concedes just as many against Norwalk.

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