The Criterion

Meet Daniellia Sumigar, a junior at Central High School. It wasn't hard for Daniellia to convince herself to join the school newspaper because she thought that it was an opportunity to showcase her passions for both art and literature. As a child, she enjoyed art because it allowed her to express herself with no boundaries. Even now, she still enjoys observing aesthetics and is very meticulous about it. That is why she aspires to go to university and pursue Engineering because she loves the concept of creating and developing. Some of her other passions include listening to music, watching Netflix and dramas, photography, and traveling. Outside of school, Daniellia often spends her time volunteering for BuildOn, participates in The Criterion, and works during the weekends to keep herself occupied with tasks unrelated to school. Currently, Daniellia is the co-editor of The Criterion.

Daniellia Sumigar '20, Staff Editor

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