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2017-2018 Staff

Joselyn Acevedo '18

Staff Writer

Joselyn Acevedo is a senior at Central Magnet who also attends Aquaculture. Even though she doesn't know exactly where she wants to go in her career path, she is interested in the medical field. She plans...

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Louise Brito '21

Staff Writer

A BTS Fangirling, digital and traditional artist taking up a path on writing articles. 2017 being the first year I joined the Criterion. Born in America in 2003 as a Brazilian-American mix. My hobbies include drawing...

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Alexa Boyle '20

Staff Writer

My name is Alexa Boyle, I am currently just transferred for Sophomore year into Central Magnet and I attend Aquaculture in the morning. After hearing Central had a Newspaper club i became intregued ...

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Alexis Charles '18

Staff Writer

Meet Alexis N. Charles, a Junior at here in Central Magnet. After hearing about newspaper from her peers, Alexis decided to join the Criterion this year. She has always loved writing, and thought that...

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Jada Cross '18

Staff Writer

My interest in writing has followed me throughout my four years of highschool but, it wasn’t until my Junior year (2016-2017) I decided to join the Newspaper club. I have just started my senior year...

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Camila Ramos '18

Staff Writer

My name is Camila Ramos, and I’m 16. I was born in Brazil, on October 25th, 1999. I used to live in a big house in my country with my parents. Since I was 7 years old, I used to go to Colégio Batist...

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Chaz Cornelius '18


Born in Antigua a small island in the caribbean Chaz moved up to america in 2011 to Florida and he started off there then in December of the same year he moved up to Bridgeport and he stayed. He started off m...

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Loanis Cabrera '18

Co Editor-in-Chief

Meet Loanis Cabrera, a staff writer here at the Criterion. Loanis has been with the newspaper since she first started at Central. She joined the newspaper because she enjoys writing and wanted to be produc...

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James Cravatas '18

Co Editor-in-Chief

When The Criterion first started, James Cravatas jumped at the opportunity to do something productive with his time here at Central High School. Showing an interest in writing, James aspires to be a ...

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Brandon Robles '18

Staff Writer

Born and raised in Bridgeport, Brandon Robles is a gifted young writer. Before he came to Central, Brandon attended Madison School and Geraldine W. Johnson. According to him, his Mexican heritage led to...

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