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What High School Means

Freshman students explain the experience of joining a high school.

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Filling out applications, handing them in, and working with teachers and parents just to get into a high school. Once we got our acceptance and rejection letters, we started to get an idea about where we were headed. We’ve all watched those dramatic TV shows that showed their interpretation of high school. Older siblings and friends filled our heads with advice about what to expect. Others filled our heads with anxiety, talking about initiations and other ancient rumors to scare us.

Not to mention the teachers who told us how much harder things would be. Then came the last day of school, saying bye to all of our friends because we knew that we were stepping into a whole new world with a ton of people we haven’t even met before.

Yet, despite all the things we’ve heard about high school, we weren’t quite sure what to expect from it. Some of us were excited, some of us were afraid, and some of us were dreading the return to school.

However, the first few months have gone by and we’ve adjusted to the high school life. For a lot of freshmen, high school has met our expectations. It’s pretty different than middle school.

On interviewing other freshmen, we all seemed to agree that high school moves at a much faster pace. Rather than walking in a line and taking our sweet time to get to our middle school classes, we now maneuver through swarms of students, trying not to be late. One student recalls teachers telling them to stick to the right hand side and calmly walk through the halls, which was weird because the classes used to be pretty close together.

When I began to interview freshmen, I honestly thought I might get some critical comments because as students, we sometimes tend to focus on the negative or find it easier to rant about things we dislike. However, Central managed to pull in some compliments.

Students reported that the food here in Central is better than some of our previous schools. I mean, the food can still use some work but it is far more decent. Now, we get to put toppings on our burgers and hot dogs or get a pretty good sandwich. Not to mention the cookies that (almost)  everyone seems to enjoy.

There are also some nice comments about the teachers here. Some of which include Mr. McConnell, who received plenty of wonderful remarks. Something we could all agree on was that high school is what you make of it, no matter which one you go to. Study hard, make friends, memorize classrooms, be nice to teachers, and you’ll be just fine.

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What High School Means