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Fallout of Foreign Nations

Brandon Robles '18, Staff Writer

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The thought of imminent destruction plagues the world as nuclear weapons are still tested against the wishes of most nations. What we all want is for such activity to simply end and move past it. But when success is almost in our grasp, something that we feel proud for achieving, failure will strike and destroy everything that we worked to gain.

That being said, President Donald J. Trump has pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the JCPOA, or better known as the Iran nuclear deal.

In order to understand the importance of the deal, it is necessary that we discuss exactly why it was put into effect in the first place. Similar to the armistice North Korea had signed with America during the Cold War, the JCPOA was meant to put restrictions on Iran’s own program in developing nuclear weaponry. Not only was this deal made with Iran, but it was also made with members of the P5+1, which consists of nations Germany, Britain, China, Russia, France, and, of course, the United States. All of these members had taken part on this deal. The JCPOA, in exchange, would granting less punishable consequences on international sanctions for Iran refugees in said nations.

Thanks to Trump’s pulling, the U.S has severed it’s relationships with other nations concerning the decision’s disastrous effects. Not only has the armistice with Iran been destroyed between them and the U.S, but it has also destroyed their chances of negotiation with the rest of the world as long as Trump continues down the path he’s pathing.

Like the Paris Agreement, the U.S is ultimately segreateting itself from acts and constitutions which would benefit them and instead gaining notoriety for its incompetent decision-making. The decision made had even been monitored by other nations such as Japan in order to make any quick deals and/or salvage the agreement with Iran. While Trump may feel he has declared himself the winner of the decision, he is ultimately incorrect and utterly disastrous.

Nations around the world looked to America, mostly to Trump, with disappointment as Iran quickly descended into chaos. Moments both and after his decision, nuclear missiles were put into place on Syria and Israel. If there is any way to put the seriousness simply, it is that the deal-breaker has ignited the terrifying possibility for a nuclear arms race against not only North Korea, but Iran as well. The Iranian military has announced itself ready to take on America and invade and quite possibly destroy Israel. Because of the irrational choice to exit the deal, Iran has taken it to heart that it would not be naive to make another deal with a nation that walked out. Ironically, the pull-out has inspired unity among Iran in the Islamic Revolution going on currently.

Despite even the grandest positivity of being able to fix the chaos sparked by Trump, it is utterly impossible to recover should he continue to make irrational and stupid decisions.


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Fallout of Foreign Nations