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Australian Shepards

Alexa Boyle '20, Staff Writer

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So recently I got an australian shepard named Scout and after doing research on his breed I decided to share with you some information.
Better known as an “Aussie” these majestic lean, ranch dogs are a European breed perfected by California
through Australia. For starters these beautiful furry dogs weigh an average of 40-60
pounds and have a height of 18-25 inches. Their lifespan goes to about 15 years and
they are known as a herding group. Aussie coats offer different looks, including merle (a
mixed and spotted pattern with contrasting shades of blue or red). In all ways, they’re
the picture of rugged and agile movers of stock.
A high-energy, athletic dog, the Aussie needs a great deal of exercise on a daily
basis. At minimum, they need a large, fenced-in yard to run around in for an hour or two
daily. Once an Aussie leaves puppyhood behind, and his skeletal system is fully formed,
he can make a great running companion. But, before this taking long walks and hikes
are always a fun way to get active with your pet. Aussies exhibit an impulse to herd,
anything: birds, dogs, kids. This strong work drive can make Aussies too much dog for
usual in-active pet owner. Aussies are extremely intelligent, some might even say they
are smarter than their owners.
Early obedience training are both musts for the Australian Shepherd. Aussies
bond strongly to their families and so can are territorial and overprotective of their
owners’ property. They can become destructive if left without companionship for long
periods too often. Fortunately, that loyalty combined with the breed’s keen intelligence
and high energy makes them very easy to train.
Australian Shepherds do well on a high-quality dog food appropriate to the dog’s
age (puppy, adult, or senior). Treats can be an important aid in training, but giving too
many can cause obesity. Make sure to to look up which human foods are safe for dogs,
and which are not. Check with your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s
weight or diet. Finally it’s important to provide clean, fresh water should be available at
all times.

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Australian Shepards