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Makin’ the Switch

Loanis Cabrera '18, Co-editor-in-chief

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With the rise of technology came the rise of video game systems. From Nintendo, we have gotten a variety of games ranging from the Game boy to the Ds to the Wii. And now, it has been a year since their latest debut, the Nintendo Switch. I was fortunate enough to get it during Black Friday time and I have really enjoyed it for many reasons. So, if you are curious about the system, let this article be your guide.

Versatility: What the Switch is most known for is probably its amazing ability to swiftly switch from a handheld device to a television screen and vice-versa. This is great for families who have trouble sharing the T.V. When I was younger, I used to play the Wii in my living room, but there were times where my mom or my sister wanted to watch their shows so I would have to quit playing. Now, if my family wants to use the T.V., I can easily shift from screen mode to handheld mode so that all of us can enjoy the living room. As far as switching the modes go, it’s pretty simple. There are only two cables the you need to worry about; the charging cable and the HDM1 cable. Both plug into the Nintendo Switch box; the other end of the charging cable plugs into a wall outlet while the HDM1 cable gets plugged into the television itself. From there, you just put your Switch into the box and you’re ready to play!

Controllers: The Switch comes with two controllers when you first buy the system and they come in a variety of colors. The most known colors are the two gray controllers and the blue and red colored controllers. There are special colors you can buy separately such as the Splatoons pink and neon green controllers or the Mario Odyssey deep red controllers. The main thing to note is that the controllers come in pairs and can be used in a variety of ways. Two controllers can be used by one person with one in each hand (almost like a Wii remote and a nunchuck). The same two controllers can also be put into a game control handle just to keep them together and if you want to play with friends, most games are still playable with just one controller per person.

Accessories: The Switch has some pretty interesting accessories that you can purchase like wheels for mario kart or control handles for singular controllers. But, one of the most innovative adaptations coming up is the Nintendo Labo. Nintendo is basically getting its customers to spend 70 dollars for cardboard… and I’m totally getting it someday. Basically, the bundle comes with cardboard templates that you fold and build into different items that utilize the Switch console to bring the toys to life. For example, you can build a cardboard piano, place the controllers in the holders that you build, and when you play the piano, you can hear sound! You can make a house, a fishing pole, and even a robot suit for a virtual reality mode once you buy the software.

Charging: You don’t have to worry about buying batteries because the tablet has a charging cable and you can also charge the controllers through the tablet. However, if you have more than two controllers, I would recommend getting a controller specific charging port.

With its small size and versatility, the Switch really proves that “tiny is mighty” and I would recommend it to anyone who is able to get one!


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Makin’ the Switch