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Midterms: A Time of Distress

Everyone's favorite time of the year is here!

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Midterms: A Time of Distress

James Cravatas '18, Co Editor-in-Chief

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Forget Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, even Summer Vacation. Everyone knows that a student’s favorite time of the year is when Midterms come around!

Sarcasm aside, we´ve gotten through five months of rigorous schoolwork and now are required by the district to be tested to see what their students will be able to recall of their first semester. The preordained method of testing this ability is what is known as the, Midterm, and I am sure that most if not all of you reading this article have felt its grasp before.

Midterms are for many, a time of stress, frustration, and overall anxiety. Few people ever feel completely prepared to take all their exams on the day of reckoning. The daunting task is having to remember so much information in what is in actuality a rather short two-hour time period. This anxiety can be helped by the use of study guides given out by the teachers, or using the ever-recommended but scarcely implemented method of reviewing a little bit each night for a month of so beforehand. But all of the preparation in the world can sometimes still be for naught, as there will always be that handful of teachers who decide to throw several curveballs of unfamiliar material together, and call that their midterm.

In order to get a better understanding of how people here at Central have been feeling about the upcoming time of distress, I have interviewed several members of the student body. My first interviewee was Celeste Cabrera (sophomore). When asked how she was feeling about the upcoming midterms, she exclaimed that she was feeling “dead inside” (figuratively of course). She elaborated that for some classes she felt slightly prepared, but for others, like her English class, she feels that there is too much material to cover taught over too little time. Celeste’s sister Loanis (“senior”) is feeling fearful about her midterms. She believes her Calculus 1 class will be her most challenging Midterm, as it’s hard to catch up on the material in such a fast paced class. However, she is feeling prepared for her Biology and Psychology exams.

Another student, Chaz Cornelius (senior), says that he couldn’t care less about the midterms. It’s not that he feels prepared for the exams, it’s more that he is so overcome with senioritis that he no longer feels the need to worry about them. Another senior, Brandon Robles, feels scared yet prepared for his Statistics midterm, and is confident for the rest of his exams. My last interviewee, Joselyn Acevedo (senior), made a deep and exasperated groaning sound when asked how she felt about midterms. When this sound finally came to an end, she explained that she feels marginally prepared for every midterm except for A.P. Government. That class is very unpredicatible as Joselyn put it, and she’s going in with low expectations. Through several years of E.C.E. and A.P. classes, she’s developed the philosophy that “Low expectations are the key to happiness”.

Midterms may not be the most positive time of the year, but we can all take comfort in the fact that, although it doesn’t feel it, we’ve gotten through half of the school year already. Seniors, you’re halfway to graduating and leaving high school forever. Freshmen, you’ve made it through the first 5 months of your secondary education without dropping out, which is an achievement in itself. Juniors and Sophomores, well… you guys still have a while to go, but you haven’t dropped out either, and believe it or not, the midterms aren’t likely push you over that threshold.

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Midterms: A Time of Distress