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Bridgeport Nurses and Their Impact

Joselyn Acevedo '18, Staff Writer

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Bridgeport Aquaculture is a school dedicated to offering its students the most out of a STEM field. With classes ranging from Seafood Science to Medical Technology, students are guaranteed the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of different fields through both visual in-your-face learning and hands-on learning.

On Thursday, September 28th, 2017, Medical Technology students had the pleasure and the privilege to have Nurse Colleen and Nurse Nina from Bridgeport Hospital visit the class. During their visit to the class, both nurses gave students an up close presentation on “Donning of Doffing of PPE” (another way of referring to the proper applying and removal of protective equipment such as gowns, gloves, masks, and so on), and a presentation on “Inserting an Intravenous Catheter” (the medical way to refer to the process of opening a vein and inserting an IV).

During the Donning and Doffing presentation, Nurse Nina served as a model as Nurse Colleen explained the proper procedure and the importance of each step and each article of protective gear, as seen by the picture below.

Presentations like these are very important to enhancing the education and reach that students have, especially in towns like Bridgeport, where so many students seem to have less opportunities than neighboring towns. Many students in Aquaculture and Central High School have expressed their interests in the medical field, and many more have expressed their uncertainty in what field they are considering. Presentations like these help student survey their options, offering hand-on participation and insight on what they would be encountering so they choose to enter this field; and the positive effects of this programs have not gone without notice. For example, upon asking Shemar Chastanet, an 11th grade student within the Aquaculture Medical Technology class who had the chance to engage with Nurse Colleen in practicing with the IV catheter, whether the presentation had influenced him to look into the medical field as a career choice in the future, stated, “Absolutely. It was very educational; I kinda want to attempt to attempt it on my own, and it’s going to be amazing if I go into the medical field and get to do this kind of stuff.”

Nurse Colleen and Nurse Nina are both previous Aquaculture students, and now make an effort to visit high schools to educate, interact, engage, and possible convince students of multiple backgrounds into considering the medical field as their future field. As a senior highschool student who, at the start of the year, was extremely uncertain on what field to pursue, this presentation and many others than I have had the privilege of attending have been extremely helpful and even crucial to me finally deciding to enter the nursing field. I hope that one day I’ll be able to come back to Central High School and Aquaculture and be able to have the same influence and impact that Nurse Colleen and Nurse Nina have had on me in deciding my future from here on out. In Nurse Colleen’s words, “I hope I inspire some people to go into the nursing profession, and persuade some people if they’re on the fence about doing this or another thing. I hope that I can be the one to make that difference for them.”

A very special thanks to Mrs. Ebmeyer from Aquaculture for her kindness and consideration while organizing for the presentations, and a special thanks to Nurse Colleen and Nurse Nina from Bridgeport Hospital for agreeing! The students of Aquaculture Medical Technology and other schools you’ve visited and helped appreciate you and your efforts!

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Bridgeport Nurses and Their Impact