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Our Newest Teachers: Mr. Han!


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Meet Central’s newest 10th grade biology teacher Mr. Han. As a kid Mr. Han hated biology and thought that he would never go and study biology, then he found the one class that made biology class fun and realized that he wanted to be a biology teacher. He attended the University of California, Berkeley and it was here he found the class that made him interested in biology. He took a class on brain and behavior and from that one class he became hooked.

Mr. Han always enjoyed teaching and knew that when you take a class you either hate it or you love it and he wants to make science fun. He wants to make his class the one that you feel compelled to just love to be in. Mr. Han is the type of teacher who wants students to have fun in class. He will tell jokes and try to connect with his students, so that they will feel more comfortable in class. But before he officially became a biology teacher, Mr. Han was and still is interested in Medicine. He loves the thought of helping people and he has not fully pushed that career path away, there is still a chance that he will go into a field of medicine anytime soon. Mr. Han’s path to science was influenced, only a little by his father: an Aerospace Engineer, who makes space craft parts for N.A.S.A and repairs cars. Mr. Han participates in a program called T.F.A. (Teachers for America), which is a non-profit organization that assigns teachers to underprivileged schools, so that the students there will have an equal educational opportunity like every other school in the U.S. Mr. Han says that he his happy with the school that the Teachers of America has assigned him. We are also happy with his assignment.

Aside from that Mr. Han is a very interesting character. He likes to stay in shape. He loves to go to the gym, play basketball and when he has the time, he hikes. Not only that he also likes to take some time and just take pictures. Mr. Han is a very laid back teacher who just like to have fun and even just talk. So if you ever just need someone to talk to, you can just go to him, his door is always open and so are his ears. You can find Mr. Han in room C 111 if you ever want to talk to him or find out more about him.

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Our Newest Teachers: Mr. Han!