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An Origin Story.. and a General Tip For Happiness

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An Origin Story.. and a General Tip For Happiness


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If you’re taking a class with Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. DeSantis, Mr. Guillet, Mrs. Valsamis, Mrs. McNamara, or any other teacher on the upper floor E and F hallways familiar who has me as a regular visitor in their class, it’s likely that you’ve seen my little smiley face icon lingering around the boards. As of late, the smiley face has become a sort of advertisement for the Central Criterion website, so I wouldn’t even be surprised if that’s what brought you to this article in particular. Since the smiley face has become a form of advertisement for the paper, it’s only fair that readers are allowed an explanation on its origin story.

In all honesty, the smiley face only manifested itself this year, of 2018. If you know me as a person, you know I often like to doodle. You’d also know that I have a very “out there” personality. Frankly put, I like being known, and my way of being known is often through my personal art bits. The smiley face came at very random, when I went up to Mr. Mitchell’s board one day and thought, “I wonder what I’d look like as a smiley face.” And the outcome was this.

It’s a very crude representation of my face, from my short haircut with the poofy top, my chubby face shape, to the big glasses, and the bags under my eyes. I’ve developed the habit of drawing it in every class I go into. And when I say every class, I mean it. Every. Single. One.

I can’t exactly explain why this happened. I suppose it all comes down to the fact that I’ve always considered it important to leave and impression everywhere I go. Even if people don’t know me, I want to leave behind something positive for others; something we can all mutually smile at and make fun with. I’ve already seen it happening. Sometimes, I’ll come back to the classrooms I’ve tagged and find that someone had drawn me a body, or that someone else had drawn their own smiley face persona beside mine. Although the actions are nothing major, and other students probably did it without much thought, I feel that even that little action is a good way to spread a sense of community, happiness, and a general de-stressed air along to students who might need that.

If you came to this article from a message you saw on the board, I hope that this origin story has sated your curiosity. If you didn’t, I hope that you took something from this despite that! No matter how you came to this article, I implore you to do the same with your fellow classmen; find a way to spread some happiness here and there. Make your mark.. Make several of them! Put a smile on your face and embrace things with open arms. Let the smiley face on the board be a reminder that things will be alright for you and everyone else soon.


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An Origin Story.. and a General Tip For Happiness