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Horror movies can be measured on a scale of ridiculousness in my standards: Friday the 13th: The New Beginning to Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. It’s basically least weird to absolute insanity. The Child’s Play series had gone from a serious tone to a parodical take on pop culture, to being back to a serious toned movie. But unlike most films taking their films to a whole other level of being “realistic”, “dark” or even “edgy”, the 2013 Curse of Chucky returned the film to it’s roots of it’s concept. The recent Cult of Chucky film successfully captures the tone perfectly in the seventh installment in the Child’s Play franchise.

Cult of Chucky follows Curse of Chucky protagonist Nica Pierce is transferred to a lower-security mental institution after her supposed murder of the family in the previous film, although it was actually Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky framing her. She has come to believe she is responsible for their murders during her time incarcerated. However, after a series of events occur when a Good Guy Doll is delivered to the institution to her, Nica begins to suspect that Chucky has come after her. Things escalate when Chucky shows off a new trick that raises the danger he poses to everyone he encounters.

The film continues the plot of Curse of Chucky, rather than starting off with a new plot and cast of characters instead of what Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky did. Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky also abandons the over-the-top comedy aspect and dials it down to a minimum. But the film does bring back past characters, most notably Andy Barclay, who is reprised by Alex Vincent, the once-child actor for the first two films of Child’s Play. Another returning character is Jennifer Tilly, possessed by Tiffany Valentine, Chucky’s “wife”, who is played by Jennifer Tilly. The reason behind the confusing character is that during Seed of Chucky, Tiffany had transferred her soul from her doll self into the actual Jennifer Tilly, who exists in the Child’s Play universe. The kills also become unique once more as did the original two films. Each death becomes more stranger than the last with the exception of one or two basic kills. The only complaint I have is Vincent’s acting, considering the fact that he hasn’t been in films since his full-time role in the 2013 film House Guest Massacre and a cameo in Curse.

Overall, the film does better than recent throwback films, which can be sadly said for films like Leatherface. Even though it performed well with critics, Cult of Chucky was a straight-to-DVD film as was Curse. It does show potential for people to create good horror films, and if you ignore some of the less-than-good attempts made this year, then there is hope for some better movies. Another sequel is obviously in plan for Chucky’s road to reckless destruction, and based on the cliffhanger given to us, then fans are in for some possibly unique kills to remember.

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Cult of Chucky Review