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Black Friday 101


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November is here!! Which means the best part of the month is approaching… The sales!!! Now Thanksgiving is enjoyable too don’t get me wrong, but there nothing like a shopping spree full of great deals and unnecessary buys like Black Friday. offers a couple tips and tricks that I’m giving to use for black friday shopping.

 For starters make a set budget, you need to know how much you can truly afford before you break the bank and can’t even afford ramen noodles for dinner. When you are doing your calculations don’t forget about other expenditures like going to the movies and paying for homecoming, even small trips to the corner store need to be inquired. After your budget is situated, make sure to make a complete list of all the people you are gifting to for the season. Next to each of these names give a spending budget and a gift idea for each. Don’t forget to include yourself if you can, especially some cute shirts or new electronics. Now clearly you wanna sort out all the best deals and steals. Go through ads and look online to see exactly which stores will save you the most money. Make sure to take note on the stores that are only running sales for specific hours of the day. Also don’t forget to check out stores you don’t usually go to, for example if you are buying electronics it might be easy to get them from target but staples and best buy might have a better deal. 

Making a in-store plan is extremely important so you aren’t wasting valuable shopping time. Go to the busy store earlier in the morning because they are more likely to sell out of the cute clothes and other items. Make sure to check out all store hours on Black Friday because they usually change from usual days. If you are going to out of mall retailers or outlets make sure you consider traffic time as well because there will be a lot of people on the road. A way to make the experience more fun is bringing friends and family for the trip. Jamming out in the car in 20 degree weather is lowkey how you make the best memories. Also they can give opinions and you guys can tag team in those long lines. By this I mean have your friend stand in line while you walk around the store and get what you want then stand in line while they go get what they want. This works for those extra long lines and saves a lot of time. Remember to also save a little money for those cyber Monday deals!! Make sure to have fun and fuel up on Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to dress warm and comfortable even if it looks like you don’t love yourself!!! Good luck to all and I hope you find everything you need while making the best memories.

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Black Friday 101