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Tired of the same old four walls you call your bedroom? Sick of the colors you had since
you were a kid? Need some organization tips? but just do not know how. Here are simple tips
and tricks to have that room looking on point for the coming seasons.
For starters get to the root of your bedroom situations, if it’s a small room a simple fix can
be choosing a lighter paint color. If it’s big and empty feeling choose a warm toned color and add
accents of white or posters and tapestries on the walls. Paint isn’t too costly especially if you or a
family member do it yourselves. Just remember to get the correct measurements of your room
because it’s pointless to over or under buy.
The next quick fix could simply be rearranging furniture. I recommend if you have a
small room, to move the your bed to a corner in order to save major space and really open up the
room. Putting the bed in the corner also allows you to decorate the walls instead of having a head
board. On the other hand if you have a large room you might wanna consider moving it to the
middle or in front of a window to make the place feel cozy.
Adding some artwork to your walls is a cheap way to add pops of beautiful colors. If you
already have some try arranging them on the walls. Even changing it up and doing DIY frames
from pintrest or youtube. It allows you to get creative and have a little project to get into.
Getting rid of unnecessary furniture is a must.. Night stands are over rated if it possible
try using your desk instead. Also Ikea and other sellers make headboards with bookshelves
attached and the MALM series at Ikea also makes drawer for under the bed. Getting rid of clutter
is said to help calm the mind and stay more on task.

While on the subject of clutter make sure all the wires are hidden and out of sight. Wrap
the longer cords and place them in baskets. Check for tips on hiding wifi and
television routers.
Lastly go through your closet, have a minimalist approach on clothes. Make sure you
donate them though, If you don’t wear them they will clearly have better use to someone else.
Get rid of clothes that are worn and stained and just don’t fit anymore. Maybe this will even give
you a chance to buy new things to spice up your closet. Remember that if we are in winter there
no reason for summer stuff to be cluttering your closet. Just simply buy some bins and pack up
the off season.
Its highschool we might spend more hours at school then home but, start up a little
project and get that perfect bedroom it’s a fun simple way to change up your style.

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