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An Update on your favorite comic strip, the "White Rabbit"


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Editor’s Note: First and foremost, here is the link to see the best comic strip around!


White Rabbit has been defunct for most of the time on the Criterion Tumblr page. But why has the page been taking longer than I had previously said? Well, I did say the comic updates would take weeks or months, but the issue of the comic has to be addressed. Otherwise, the comic’s delays would probably go unexplained and left to determine me as lazy.

The comic started around last year during junior year towards the end of the year. I was willing to do a comic, obviously White Rabbit, since some other ideas would not work on a school-based website. I had begun to get comfortable with digital art programs like Autodesk Sketchbook and Medibang on my phone. This would prove somewhat effective even though I was a traditional artist. Scanning pages would have worked, if my rough drafts weren’t so messy to begin with. So digital programs had to do.

My drawing preference is traditional as I just said, but my style is a little off, at least to me. The time I use to during production also goes into developing better skills and techniques for better page layouts and production. Things are made more difficult without a stylus to use. Besides using my fingers, I also use pen styluses that seemingly do the job. But my main tool to use is a DIY stylus made from a pen using tape, aluminum foil, and damp cotton swabs that do better. I could ask for an actual tablet stylus, but I feel like I could use my creativity in my process. I do keep the stylus option in mind should it come to it.

The electronics at my disposal are decent at best. My phone is my go-to when it comes to sketching. But I also use an iPad Air that has a cracked screen, which has become my only struggle when it comes to sketching comics. The biggest burden I have is my Toshiba laptop that I believe comes from 2010 or earlier, with a broken left button on both the keyboard and touchpad. It runs slow and when I attempted to update to Windows 11, it crashed and was rebooted. Even though I have mastered handling it, it is only used as a last resort.

The final and most obvious reason that White Rabbit has taken so long to update is school. An obvious and ironic option, considering the comic being a school newspaper, that plays further when college applications are due right around the corner. The three AP classes that ask of difficult tasks are difficult as much as Computer Visual Arts and Forensic Science.  Computer Visual Arts, despite it’s difficulty, teaches me tips and skills to keep in mind when I am using digital programs. Although the CVA program is Photoshop CC, something completely different than the programs that I use. it helps me still to understand the basics of making a good page. Hopefully I can get the next page up soon.


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