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I had previously mentioned the Halloween franchise in a previous article detailing the ridiculousness of continuing a franchise for profits. The franchise had walked itself into a dead end after Rob Zombie’s iteration of Halloween made fans riled up about how it was handled. Most fans were sick of the same material being updated, modified, or even rebooted completely. However, some films are seeing some positive changes such as the recent addition to the Child’s Play franchise, Cult of Chucky, which returned the movie’s tone back to what the original introduced. With returning horror movies like Jigsaw and Leatherface, it was a surprise to many when John Carpenter, the original director of Halloween, announced a remake of the film franchise as Jamie Lee Curtis would reprise her role as Laurie Strode, the sister of infamous slasher Michael Myers. So where has Halloween been for the last few years since Zombie’s remake?

Halloween originally had a simple premise: a sociopathic killer, Michael Myers,  goes after babysitter Laurie Strode in his hometown Haddonfield after escaping a mental asylum for murdering his sister. The sequel continued the Michael v. Laurie formula, only for the revelation that Laurie was in fact Michael’s biological sister. Halloween 3 followed a different plot involving head of Silver Shamrock Novelties Conal Cochran using a ritual using Halloween masks with microchips crafted from pieces of Stonehenge that would kill children wearing them in order to undergo a ritual to bring back witchcraft. The film ignored all continuity with Michael Myers as the series was to be an anthology of different movie plots for Halloween. Unfortunately, the movie failed with critics and the Myers formula continued once more. This time, more years have passed since the events of Halloween II as Laurie died and Michael has gone comatose, only to be awoken after hearing of Laurie’s daughter, Jamie Lloyd. Further sequels elaborate on Jamie and Michael’s relationship and later on the reason for his immortality: he has a curse that grants him said-ability and the drive to murder Laurie was a ritual that required one to kill their family on Halloween. Fortunately, a reboot of the franchise erased most of the new continuity as the film restarts after the events of Halloween II focusing on Laurie Strode reprised by Jamie Lee Curtis. Rob Zombie’s 2007 reboot undid all continuity and retells both Halloween I and II as Laurie Strode being Angel Myers, the sister to Michael Myers, with the curse aspect replaced with a mental link between the two. The film and its sequel were negatively looked upon by both critics and fans, as even Carpenter himself in a seminar at the New York Film Academy how Zombie ruined Halloween.

Curtis posted a picture on her Twitter account in her classic Laurie Strode outfit on the same porch of the house used in the original film, as well as Michael himself in the background. She comments on the film being the final confrontation between Laurie and Michael, indicating her departure from the series. However, unlike both reboots, the new Halloween starts over after the first film, but, in Carpenter’s words, works like an “alternative reality.” What this signifies are changes from the original Halloween, whether it be Michael’s motivation to kill or possibly the sibling relationship he and Laurie have. Whatever changes occur, Carpenter has approved of the film so far with it’s director David Gordon Green and film writer Danny McBride. Green has directed both dramas and comedies such as Pineapple Express and All The Real Girls, whereas McBride has worked and acted on films like Your Highness and Alien: Covenant. The future hopes that the movie won’t go in the direction of the Zombie films, otherwise, this would be a terrible way for Curtis to end her role.

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