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Guide to Fall!!


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Ending 2017 with the right fashion, stunning makeup and really getting to soak in all its
beauty is the way to go. So here’s a little insight to guide you through all these current trends:
A 70s twist!!
2017 is kicking off fall with many hot off the shelf fashion trends throwing it back with a
twist of the 70s. Red is setting stage as the hottest color expressed everywhere in New York
fashion week from Armani to Dolce and Gabbana. Also ditch the fringe a statement fur is back,
vintage looking fur jackets made their way through falls style book. A 70’s Plaid will also be
strongly represented through the streets in these next few months. and New York
fashion week expressed there might be broad shoulders and victorian collars coming back as
well, but I will not believe that until I see it. For a business casual look leisure suites, or as Urban
Outfitters likes to call it, cozy pajama outerwear, will be all over. Of course the never dying trend
of velvet and prints remained inside of retailers fashion since last year. Do not forget those wide
belts and ruffled sleeves because there coming back, from coats, to dresses, and shirts retailers
are squeezing in these details to get a real 70’s feel. So maybe your parents might not wanna
throw out those boxes of old clothes because these trends are sneaking their way into fashion.
Natural but Smokey…
Summer gave us the bronzy glo’s but now it’s time for a more natural shimmer. Starting
off with taupes, greys, and creams, smoked out on the eye with a subtle shimmer haze is said by
Cosmopolitan to really hit the youtube “Get Ready With Me” videos for this Fall. Also that pop
of red is everywhere so incorporate in your eyes or lips for a perfect on the go but trendy look. If

you’re not a fan of red, hit those cheeks and lips with the perfect peach for your skintone. Also,
keep the waxing and threading appointments but, ditch the pomade a natural brow with some gel
is the way to go for the next few months.
Say Good-Bye to summer ponytails and buns from the heat. Fendi has everyone into the
flat waves for this season, a subtle and smooth beach wave with a touch of some mist and shine
spray will always save you from that bad hair day because beanies are not trending this fall. If
you are looking for a more glam look, big luscious bouncy curls will forever stay in season. I
could never forget about my girls with braids always killing the game, maybe try adding
embellishments or choosing a warm toned color. If you are looking for a natural look try the
space buns or cool-girl quiff to get that stunning retro style.
Whether on the runway or simply walking through the cafeteria at school, always
remember to not be afraid to express yourself. It’s Fall 2017! So get cozy, watch the beautiful
leaves change, and test out all the new trends.

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  1. Dub on October 3rd, 2017 11:23 am

    Ill stick to the, “I’m late for the bus and only had five minutes to do anything this morning” look I have going on. I think other people have picked up that trend too

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Guide to Fall!!