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The earlier years of the Internet were what we used to call “advanced”. Most pop culture icons and memes are created and Facebook has just been made. It’s what gives people the sense of nostalgia, a throwback to their early years. A certain game has centered itself around said-nostalgia as a “choose-your-path” visual novel in the form of a AOL message chat, known as Emily is Away. The game centered around the player’s choices with their friend, Emily, and their choices to be their close to her. The success of the game led to the sequel Emily is Away Too, introducing more gameplay mechanics and multiple routes.


A major addition to the game is the use of another character, Evelyn. Players simultaneously talk to both Emily and Evelyn, although if the player takes too long to respond to one of them, they will log off from the chat and respond later. Both characters have different personalities and dynamics that make them their own person. The chapter is split into 5 chapters, rather than one continuing chat log. Each chapter goes through a timeskip from the previous one, creating new context and choices for every past decision that the player makes. Your decisions all come back in the final chapter, where the ending will be based on what you chose in each chapter. The game also provides players with the parodical use of social media such as Youtube and Facebook. Facenook, the Facebook parody, serves as a source of information to answer questions that both Emily and Evelyn might ask.


Overall, Emily is Away Too is a great game that fills the role of its predecessor. It brings more decisions and consequences to the table. The game play can be difficult at times, but it only proves the point of making the decision between Emily and Evelyn. Hope everyone has a great summer!

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