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Hologram Vision Goggles


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Virtual reality and devices that support it are becoming a new fad on the market. Video games are venturing into the area and simulations, models, and so forth rely on the advanced technology. However, being the flesh and bone beings that we are, we can only process so much data and information. Microsoft has begun working on the new solution to give humans a display of information that can be observed carefully by all through the usage of holograms in the form of glasses.


Holograms have become popular in sci-fi films and media, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Avengers. But besides the overly-used space films, holograms are used in real life, albeit in small roles. Most holograms are used in credit cards and DVDs, but are seen as small grey strips that reflect colors. The type of holograms people think of are the 3D images that appear under certain conditions with lasers and such. Both holograms require no special vision to be able to see them, as they both are visible to most.


With the glasses being made by Microsoft, holographic displays will be presented in 3D as well as having the ability to play back on them with higher focus. A main difference with VR headsets and the glasses is that unlike the headset’s bulky and large model, the glasses provide a larger view in a smaller area. Not only will the glasses be able to view data clearly than before, but they also allow users to create high resolution holograms in color while using them. Another add-on would the more practical use of working like a usual pair of glasses by distorting light waves to fit the needs of the user’s eyesight. Truly, science fiction is becoming a reality this generation.



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Hologram Vision Goggles