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National Scandal, Vol. 2?

Will there soon be a new national scandal on par with Watergate?


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In a time when the United States is being “lead” by a man who is viewed by the majority of the nation as corrupt, two-faced, and generally incompetent, it can be difficult to come to rational interpretations of the significance of the president’s actions.
People have already named our current president the “worst president” in American history. Now, while there is certainly enough evidence to make the claim that he will be remembered as one of, if not the, worst president this country will have seen, it is unfair to say that he has already gained this title after only 126 days in office.
However, it is true that these opening days of the new administration have been extremely eventful and full of controversy. Countless scandals and fopas have swamped this presidency, many of them minor, and some of them very important. The most recent scandal to face the president, and potentially the most dangerous, is that of the investigation into Russian involvement with the election that put him into office, and the firing of F.B.I. Director James Comey. The theories and accusations of corruption are even becoming strong enough for many people to start comparing the president with Nixon and the Watergate scandal.

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In 1972, seven burglars broke into the Democratic Party Headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington D.C. Due to a piece of evidence they left in the building (a piece of tape covering the lock of a door), they were apprehended by the police soon after the burglary. At first, no one knew who these people were, but after many months of investigation, it was found that the were thugs hired by then President Richard Nixon (a Republican) to steal important information from the Democrats, in order to help win his re-election (which he did). During the investigation into the connections between the burglary and Nixon, the president committed several crimes of bribery, suborning perjury, and obstruction of justice. Nixon would’ve been brought to trial and probably sentenced to prison, but he resigned from his office in 1974 after being impeached, and his successor, President Gerald Ford, pardoned him of all crimes.
The similarities between what is happening with our current president and the Watergate scandal may not be immediately apparent, but when you look at the details the connections become much more visible. The charge of obstruction of justice, was brought against Nixon because he fired the man that was in charge of the investigation into his corruption. The current president just fired James Comey, the director of the F.B.I. Comey was leading the investigation into Russia’s connection with the 2016 election, and Russia’s possible ties with the president’s election campaign. If Comey were to have found something linking the campaign with Russian officials, it would’ve lead to a national tragedy even worse than the Watergate Scandal. Some people rationalize that if Nixon fired the man in charge of his investigation to prevent his corruption and spying from being unveiled, Comey’s firing only proves that our current president has something he want’s to hide related to Russia.
Of course, there is no real evidence of this yet. As of now all we have to go on is informed speculation and presumptions. However, with all of the remarkable similarities between the Watergate Scandal and this Russia investigation, one can only imagine where this new scandal may lead. Perhaps, after 43 years, the American public may in the near future be once again hoping to see their president hauled off in hand-cuffs.

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National Scandal, Vol. 2?