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Injustice For All


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DC Comics has been pulling out many great choices for their company. Making Geoff Johns the head of DC Entertainment was one thing, but managing to bring back beloved characters to their original roots was something else. So when DC began production of a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, hype was roaring for the new addition. Despite some backlash, Injustice 2 grew to be an amazing installment with a good plot and new elements.

The original Injustice featured an alternate universe where it’s Superman murdered the Joker after unintentionally killing Lois Lane and his unborn son under control of fear toxin. Five years later, the alternate Batman leads a resistance against Superman’s Regime and summons the “mainstream” heroes to aid their cause. In the end, Superman is imprisoned thanks to his “mainstream” counterpart and his universe’s Batman creating a red solar cell to dampen his powers. And everything ended there, until Injustice 2 comes along.

Injustice 2 takes place after Superman’s defeat, with the alternate Batman helping the world like it had been before Superman’s reign. The Regime is disbanded, but members such as Wonder Woman and Cyborg plan to break him out with little success. Supergirl has been found by Black Adam and raised in Khandaq, Black Adam’s kingdom. As Superman is freed by Robin, betraying his father, Batman enlists the help of other heroes such as Blue Beetle and Black Canary to aid his cause. Unfortunately, an alien being known as Brainiac begins his plan to capture Earth’s cities and Superman, starting with his enlisting of supervillains forming the Society.

Injustice 2 uses new elements into gameplay, completely changing the mechanics of its predecessor. Skins are replaced by the new “gear system”, where one can modify their character with accessories and color schemes. New characters are also introduced to the game, such as Atrocitus and Dex-Starr, Red Lanterns, and Supergirl, Superman’s cousin. Each character brings their own fighting styles to the front, giving players their own choice of fighting and aesthetic. An interesting game mechanic is the Multiverse, where challenges can be taken under a certain period of time by players before the “Earth” disappears. Every “Earth” brings in different upgraded characters to go against in their universe, as well as giving players an edge like being able to summon characters to aid them.

The backlash over the game was over some qualities such as facial features. During the first days of Beta, players caught on to the awkward looks of characters, with many making the choice of not being interested after the animation in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Another was over a certain character: the Joker. Many were aware of his death, which contrasted his installment in his sequel, but his appearance was what people hated. The most notable description of the Joker’s redesign was a mix of Jared Leto and Heath Ledger, but the gear system allowed players to alter his looks.

In the end, Injustice 2 is a great game to pick up if you are a fan of fighting games and DC Comics. DLC characters are being added into the game over time, the first wave bringing Starfire, Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat, and Red Hood. Premier skins are also in the game, changing certain characters into different people entirely, such as playing as Mr. Freeze instead of Captain Cold and Reverse Flash instead of Flash. Darkseid is a Pre-Order character, so if you want to play as him, you’d better pre-order Injustice 2 now or wait for the Ultimate Edition, which is going to be a long time coming.

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Injustice For All