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Sidekick No More

Upcoming DC Movie and Show surrounding a Well-known Character


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The darkness is feared by many, but for this superhero, the darkness is an ally. His great agility and skill allow him to soar through the skies despite his inability to fly. He may not have powers, but he makes up for it with his gadgets and weapons. A crime fighter who brings justice to criminals like the one who killed his parents. For many, this description captures the essence of Batman, however it is actually his protegee, Nightwing.

The DC Universe is beginning to expand on the big screen with teams such as the Justice League and Suicide Squad. There are also movies surrounding the individual heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman. In their expansion, they are also including a show and a movie surrounding one of my favorite characters found in the DC Universe.

Richard John Grayson was born into a family of acrobats in a circus where he performed as one of the Flying Graysons. His life was turned upside down when his parents fell to their deaths in an unfortunate and horrific trapeze incident where the criminal, Tony Zucco, sabotaged the trapeze wires. A sympathizing speculator, no other than Bruce Wayne sees his own reflection in the young boy who just lost his parents and then decides to take him in as his ward. This was the start of the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin.
Richard Grayson seems to be most recognized as a Robin due to his appearances in Young Justice, Teen Titans, and Batman the Animated Series. However, in his pursuit of independence from Batman, he has become the superhero known as Nightwing. As of now he has his own comic in the DC Rebirth storyline and appears in other comics such as Titans. The third season of the animated series, Young Justice is also in the works and while he has made various appearances in the animated world and in comics, we are going to be seeing a lot more of Richard Grayson in live action. A Nightwing movie has already been announced and I can’t tell whether I’m excited or nervous. He’s a character I have grown up with and it would be a shame if they were to wrongly portray him. This concern also applies to the new Teen Titans live action show called Titans that is also coming soon where we will get to see a young Richard Grayson put together one of my favorite superhero teams which includes heroes such as Starfire and Raven. Despite my worries, I am extremely excited and curious to see where this all goes.

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Sidekick No More