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Living Like the Laser


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Most Star Wars fans have probably babbled about the Death Star for so many years to novices into both the fandom and franchise. The Death Star was a planet-sized fortress that was famously known as the fortress that got blown up by Luke Skywalker easily. It’s main purpose was to be able to blow up planets, without taking 24 hours to fire another round. And then it became rebuilt to better, to be destroyed I mean. It’s 2017, but the farthest we ever had to a hoverboard was a board on wheels with lights on the bottom. Then again, we are still working on the flying car. But little did we know, the laser is in progress right now.

The science behind the Death Star’s laser is that multiple lasers firing as one concentrated beam, becoming more powerful than they are as one. Scientists began experimenting with concentrated lasers and the theoretical firepower they possess. Unfortunately, tests were usually failures to have lasers concentrated as one with many materials.

Finally, one has been proven to be crucial to a concentrated laser, which would be diamond.

Diamonds have two important properties that make them the optimal material to create a Death Star-like laser. The first being that they are perfect candidates for Raman scattering. Raman scattering are when particles, in this case light, within a material are spread out and excited to a higher energy level. The second being that diamonds are more resistant to overheating than other materials.

However, these properties don’t help the fact that scientists can only fire a concentrated laser for a limited amount of time. They are now working to make longer and more powerful bursts to help arm militaries with defense. Who knows how long until someone gets the idea to create a massive fortress in space to get blown up in about 5-10 minutes. Until then, may the fourth be with you all.

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Living Like the Laser