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Giraffes can be pregnant for over 15 months. That’s how long viewers of a live stream featuring April, a pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure Park, waited for her to give birth. The baby, Tajiri,  is the park’s first giraffe calf, with a lot of support from viewers and fans alike.So when did April become such a sensation?

April is about 15 years old, which is the average lifespan of a giraffe. She has been living in Animal Adventure Park since September of 2015. Her supposed pregnancy had been going on for an unspecified period of time when the live stream began. The live stream itself was set up by the park during the period of time where visitors were not allowed at the park. Her mate, Oliver, has been kept away from April to prevent him from fighting or mating. Since then, April has gained many followers for her long pregnancy.

For people who can’t get enough of April and Tajiri, the park has stated that the stream will continue on. Streaming will be at Tuesdays from 6 to 8 pm for those interested. The park will, however, have to go through certain things for the two. Since Tajiri is male, April would have to be separated from it to prevent any unsafe actions, particularly incest. And after a certain period of time, he will begin to breed with another giraffe. But it is still a calf, so it will be raided by April until it reaches maturity. Oliver, again, will be kept separated from the calf since all he knows is to fight and breed. A male giraffe has no positive impact on a calf’s growth for said-reasons, so it is logical as to why the father won’t show up on the stream often.


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Long Neck of Time