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English, Dig?

The Evolution of English Slang.


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As humans went on in history, the English language we use kept evolving. Old English turned less complicated and more into the language we know today. But remember the type of language used in a certain era? An era where it was “all that and a bag of chips”? Yep, we’re talking about the 90’s this time and what that did to the English vernacular in some areas.


Now when you think 90’s, you think about the neon clothes, the weird trends, and the *shudders* VHS tapes.  But the most memorable thing about it was the slang used. You watch anything parodying that time in history and you cringe at someone using words that are incomprehensible. However, if you knew the actual history about the 90’s, then it becomes clear that it’s exaggerated. And that’s only because we use that slang today. Words like “Bugg’n” and “Trippin’” originated in the 90’s and are still used to this day. You can’t deny it, almost everyone has been talking somewhat like this.


So what of the other words? What became of them? Well, that’s pretty obvious: we made up new words to replace the old ones. It’s a pretty easy solution to make up new words as we go along. For example, if one was to say “talk to the hand” in present day, then the equivalent phrase would be “Bye, Felicia”. The equivalent of “brutal” would be “savage”, which should both mean what they literally define as. But even as this article is being written, read, and maybe commented on, people are already working on new words for 2017 that will replace the recent ones. And then that’ll leave me baffled yet again as to what everyone is saying, leaving me to figure out what is being said on my own.


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English, Dig?