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Rabbit Holes in Continuity


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The ongoing White Rabbit series will finish its first chapter, and it isn’t meant to be a super important part that will affect the rest of the series. It’s a chapter to help set up the comic and it’s continuity. And although it’s a short chapter, the rest of the comic will be longer. Although, I would like to explain the comic and what the Criterion Comics Tumblr is for.

As stated in the first White Rabbit page, updates aren’t constant. They could be next week or a month for all I know. I’m a human being, which is what other writers and artists can agree on. The effort I put into the comic is whenever I have free time. That free time is usually in school than at home, due to after school activities. Spring break is right around the corner, so that should ensure me some work time.

Besides the chapters tying into the main series, there will also be .5 chapters. The .5 chapters will focus on another character entirely. So after Chapter 1, Chapter 1.5 will introduce a new character, Starry Knight, into the comic.

The comic will be going on as long as I am here at Central, however, once I leave, the comic will begin at another location. The Criterion isn’t DC Comics or Marvel since they don’t own the rights to any of it’s properties. Creators are free to take back whatever property they made to produced somewhere else. This doesn’t mean that the Criterion won’t have any other comics. The Criterion Comics is meant for anyone to create comics, whether it’s a comic strip or an intense saga. As long as the comic is safe for work, I’ll post it on whatever schedule you choose it be thanks to Tumblr’s posting settings. So if you feel like making a comic for all to see, just come on down to the Criterion to get the approval.

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Rabbit Holes in Continuity