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Does Flint Michigan Finally Have Clean Water?

No, But They're Getting There.


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April 2014 was the start date of a crisis that not only had an impact on one town and state, but created terror throughout the country. Flint, Michigan’s water crisis began when they switched water sources in order to reduce water fund shortfall.

Families began complaining once they realized the color of their tap water began to change, beginning to give many of them rashes, burning skin and “mysterious illnesses.” When realizing the cities water was contaminated with lead, and fecal coliform bacterium the state issued a “boil water” water advisory while also flushing out the water system, and adding more chlorine. This issue went on for months and continued until the state’s second pipe flush, and chlorine refresher. Hurley medical center studied various cases in Flint and revealed that the number of children with elevated lead in their blood doubled when water sources were switched. In result, over 8,000 children under the age of 6, were exposed to unsafe amounts of lead.

Over 100 parts per billion of lead were found in multiple homes. “Given the very high lead levels found at one home and the pre flushing happening in Flint, I’m worried that the whole town may have much higher lead levels than the compliance results indicated. – Miguel Del Toral”

After long months of being afraid to shower, drink or even cook with the water coming out of their pipes, Flint was ordered by judges to give out water bottles and water filters to any flint home with broken filter. On CNN, a family in Flint that said that they use about 151 water bottles a day (Christina Zdanowicz). The Luster family tracked their bottle usage by counting what they use them from. Gina Luster says, “”It makes me feel like the lowest of the low. My self-esteem when it first began was so, so bad,”

It’s been 3 years since the Flint water crisis has begun. The impact this crisis has had on social media has decreased since 2017 begun because of the change of some of their pipelines. The Flint water crisis is still going on, and still has a huge effect on their community. Using social media, we can keep on fighting for the Flints water to restored back to normal!


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Does Flint Michigan Finally Have Clean Water?