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The idea and effort of creating comics has it’s hassles, like having people put some censors here and there and issues that can’t be put into a school newspaper. But once you edit it with some tweaks there and some cuts there, you have yourself a comic with a good set-up. That’s what White Rabbit (name possibly pending) is, a take on the world of comic books through the lens of a F-list hero.

White Rabbit (name possibly pending) follows White Rabbit living a daily life where his life is mostly dressed as a vigilante and receiving little recognition other than a lunatic by others. It doesn’t mean he’s thought of as a bad guy, he’s more of a person to be cautious around. Even villains who somehow go up against him seem to be careful with they do with the madman, because of his unpredictable nature.

The world itself has it’s own history and physics, similar to what other comic books do, i.e people with the ability for no real explanation or “that guy is breathing in space, even though there is no possible way to even do so”. What the world is more or less realistic to that our own, probably weighing in favor of the “more” scale. That doesn’t mean certain concepts won’t be used like pocket dimensions or the multiverse, which to me, is an interesting concept. It’s been used many times in media, but DC Comics and Marvel have been companies to do interesting things with it.

Another thing I want to explore is the concept of reality itself, or to be more specific, “reality v. fiction”. The concept itself goes back to the famous “Flash of Two Worlds” story by DC, where universes were able to view into alternate universes themselves via comic books.

To check out the comic and who knows what, head over to

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