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Immigrants Protest in Bridgeport


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Bridgeport, CT is a city that is full of immigrants. Here we have people who came from Brazil, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, etc; and a reasonable amount of them are  However, just because they are illegal, that does not they don‘t have rights, and that they aren’t important for our country.

Because of that, they wanted to show that they have importance for the country, because their jobs are the ones Americans don’t do (landscape, housecleaning, housekeeper, painting). Their manifestation was based in two parts:

First one:​ A day without immigrants. The first part of the manifestation was to promote a day without immigrants. Basically, what happened was that all the immigrants who joined this protest wouldn’t work or go to school, so they could show how important they are for the country and also, the city of Bridgeport.

Second one: ​A silent manifestation in Madison ave that started at 1pm. A lot of Central High School students left school earlier or didn’t come to school to participate. It was a pacific protest which had by it main goal to protect and show the society how important immigrants are, and also, for their work to have a value for the society; because most of the hard work that is done, is done because of immigrants.

So, by time, immigrants are being noticed more and more for the mayor and local authorities, which is good, and is helping them to achieve their goal of having more importance, and also, being protected from immigration laws.

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Immigrants Protest in Bridgeport