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Outrage Across America


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Outrage has filled the eyes of America. Before the inauguration of our new president Donald Trump even began, protests and marches arose stemmed from disbelief and concern. During the month of January, the numbers of protests and marches have accumulated, gaining major recognition from news sources throughout the world.

On January 21, 2017, Women around the world traveled to Washington, D.C to fight for the protection of their rights and safety ( A range of women speakers spoke to the crowds giving words of wisdom and encouragement. Famous influencers like, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lauren Jauregui, Willow smith, Zendaya and many more showed up in their support. Throughout the all day march, a voice for women all around the world was heard! Groups of people chanted and rallied gaining the attention of news sources and social media outlets. Women have constantly fought for the human rights they deserve, continuing the fight women’s activist started over 50 years ago.

January 28, 2017, a protest at John F. Kennedy airport arose after Trumps “Immigration Ban” was initiated. The number of people grew as frustration rose in all communities. People who opposed of Trumps decisions gathered in solidarity. Many holding signs reading, “refugees are welcome here.”, “hate has no home here.”, and many more. The immigration Ban, also known as the Muslim Ban brought different cultures and people together, spreading hope for change and love through different communities.

America’s outrage is shown through the numerous rallies and protest that have taken place. The American people who disagree with decisions that have come from their government, take it upon themselves to act on a change. Whether it is using your social media platform as a way of spreading love and peace throughout the world, or protesting as a way of implementing change, we all have a voice that  should and will be heard.

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Outrage Across America