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Crafting Stories Through Lucid Dreaming

An extravagant, yet drastically eccentric phenomena


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Lucid dreaming is an extravagant, yet drastically eccentric phenomena that is rarely experienced by the normal sleeper. To sum up what “lucid dreaming” is in a nutshell, you basically control your dreams; you are aware that you’re dreaming and you’re in charge of all of your movements and the decisions that you make in that dream. Although this article won’t be about how to induce lucid dreaming or the specific science behind its unique nature, I will be discussing the beauty of crafting stories during your deep slumber that you are present, mindful, and living in.

As a hardcore lover of writing and stories, I keep my own journal and consistently write down any perplexing or simply astonishing lucid dreams that I have. In these lucid dreams, I am able to expand the plot of my story, I can deepen the horizons and explore the character development of the odd characters I meet or possibly even create; I can change the setting of the dream and adjust certain outcomes – the possibilities are endless! Why is this relevant to writing, you ask? Well, not only are you enhancing your imagination and creativity, but you are basically writing your next story, or developing ideas to enhance a story you already have.

For example, the other night I had crafted a story in my lucid dream which turned out to be a time-traveling, supernatural romance-drama with slice-of-life overtones in it. It was about two humans and they were on top of a roof in a beautifully lit scenery; it was night time. A spontaneous tree falls on them both and brutally murders the woman, however, she has a spiritual embodiment, which lives in an alternate universe. The man and the woman’s spiritual entity coexist together, as they go out on casual adventures and learn a bunch of moral lessons about salvation and death. They learn how to love, while not physically being together. Point is, I was able to explore this dream as of one of the humans. I had all of these thrilling experiences of making my decisions, deepening conflicts, rekindling relationships, and simply traveling through the beautiful “Hayao Miyazaki-esque” scenery.

Whether you love or hate dreaming, lucid dreaming is an awesome experience which will get you thinking. You will want to be able to build and craft these amazing stories with endless possibilities, YOU are in control of what happens. And as those dreams are controlled by your own free will, hey, who knows, maybe you’ll end up manifesting a beautiful, well-crafted story. A story to tell.

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Crafting Stories Through Lucid Dreaming