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Good Reads: The Associate


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I picked up this book from the book mobile that had come to Central not too long ago and I was pretty excited to read it. I love a good chapter book and I tend to finish them within one or two days because of how emotionally involved I get in the lives of the characters. However, due to various things such as school and after school activities, I didn’t really have the time to read this 434 page book. It wasn’t until we had Christmas break that I really got to dive into the story of Kyle McAvoy, a young and aspiring law student who is about to get a deal he can’t refuse!

…literally he can’t refuse it because he is being blackmailed by some very bad guys who require him to steal some very important and classified secrets which could mean imprisonment if he is caught. If he doesn’t accomplish this mission, this highly trained group of individuals will release a compromising video from his past that has the potential to bring his whole world crashing down around him. From the point he comes into contact with these professional antagonists of the story, he is sent into a web of lies that he has to find his way out of. He not only has to juggle the stress of his new high class job, he also has to deal with the heavy burden of guilt he will most inevitably have to face. The moment he touches a file he is not supposed to and hands it off to the enemy, he can and will be convicted for a crime if caught. These sketchy men are perfectly capable of avoiding the police and have also demonstrated within the book that they are capable of some pretty dark things as well which leaved Kyle with a difficult choice to make. Will he comply with their orders and keep his high paying job with the video under lock and key but staining his morals in the process, will he take his chances with the video, or will he decided to take matters into his own hands and fight back?

Despite having an extraordinarily detailed plot with a lot of potential, I was left unsatisfied by the time I finished. This book is written in 3rd person and the author of the book, John Grisham, spends over half the book establishing a really well thought out premise for the story. Even though there were some chapters that had different perspectives from different characters, I really got to connect to the main character, Kyle McAvoy, because Grisham spent a lot of time shaping his personality, motivations, and we also got a background on him. The author seemed to know a lot about being a law student which made more sense to me later on because upon researching his biography I found out he was a lawyer and politician who hadn’t considered writing until witnessing his first trial. Even though the writing itself was good, I felt that his book lacked an impactful climax and conclusion. I was really anticipating a point where I felt that the character’s life was truly in danger or a point where it seemed like he would be caught. The writer spent so much time building up this plot and filling it with the concerns of the main character and when it finally came down to this turning point, if I can even call it that, I found myself disappointed. The ending didn’t give readers all the answers and parts of the plot where never fully disclosed. I remember finishing the book and trying to look up a sequel because I just couldn’t believe that so many questions were left unanswered. I guess I was searching for something more suspenseful or action packed which is why I am giving this book 3 stars out of 5.

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Good Reads: The Associate