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This is Number One

Get up, stand up... for Lazytown.


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Lazytown was a children’s show from Iceland by Magnus Scheving that ran 2004 to 2007. The series follows Stephanie Meanswell, played by four different actors over the seasons, as she, along with Sportacus, played by three actors that including Scheving himself, get the other denizens of Lazytown to play outside. However, Robbie Rotten, played Stefán Karl Stefánsson, tries to have Lazytown, well, lazy so that he can rest peacefully. The show had a run of four seasons, or 78 episodes, and then Lazytown Extra aired with 26 episodes before the franchise ended. But then, we did a thing and by we, and by we, I mean social media’s famous meme lords.

The first reported Lazytown meme is unknown, but it seems to tie into three songs from the show: “Cooking by the Book”, “We Are Number One”, and “You Are A Pirate”. Each of these songs come a specific episode like how Cooking by the Book is from Season 1, Episode 6 and “You Are A Pirate” comes from Season 1 Episode 12. Eventually, Lazytown evolved into another internet meme from the early 2000’s alongside The Bee Movie edits.

While there can be arguments that memes are annoying, the case with Stefán Karl Stefánsson can prove otherwise. In September 2016, Stefánsson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With this in mind, “We Are Number One”, from Season 4, Episode 12, became one of the most Lazytown popular memes. The original videos so far has 5.3 million views, with more remakes and versions being made. The memes have led to people supporting Stefánsson on his GoFundMe campaign to afford treatment, which has $97, 621 as of this article being written from the $100k needed to complete the campaign. So bear in mind whenever you see a Lazytown meme, that’s probably helping a person in need of recognition for it.

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This is Number One