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What should we think about Donald Trump?

The President-elect flip-flops on some of his most essential campaign promises.


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It is already a fact that Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States on January 20th, but unfortunately for him, this is not the only fact. During his campaign, Trump said a lot of things that made a lot of people (from the United States and other countries), think that he is racist and even insane. In many of his speeches he showed his true ideals and, in all of them, he enforced a part of his ideals and, in its majority, they were based on racism and preconception. Not satisfied with just all that he said in his campaign (which was plenty enough), now, after the election day, he is trying to change his strongest positions, and he hasn’t even assumed the presidency yet. Talking about Trump’s idea of building a wall between Mexico and United States as an example: during the presidential debates and his campaign he said that a wall would be built in all the parts bordering both countries. His wall, if built, will cost many millions of dollars, and Mexico won’t pay for it. US citizens will, because Trump can’t force them to pay for his project. Plus, in a recent interview, President-elect Trump said that a wall would be built in just the parts that offer more of a risk of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico to the United States. Therefore, even though election day is in the past, it is important to pay attention in the details, in what our next president will say; because he won the presidency only because of the electoral college, but the candidate who actually won the popular vote was non-other than Hillary Clinton. Finally, what should we think about Trump? A candidate who used racism and discrimination as a base for his campaign. What should we make of his sudden changes to what he promised before even being nominated president. It is necessary to analyze the conduct of a candidate before voting for him/her, because once it’s done, four years will have to pass until you have another chance of choosing your president.

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What should we think about Donald Trump?