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Beautifying Bridgeport

Groundwork Bridgeport helps to beautify our city


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As a Junior here at Central, I’ve heard many students complain about Bridgeport over the years, and yet I didn’t see many of them actually doing something to change the way they view the city they live in. People should like where they live, and should contribute to making it become even better for others in the community. A problem I frequently see is that many average citizens don’t actually think that they can get things done, it is all up to the government to fix the things we don’t like. Thus, the result ends up being that there is a lot of complaining going around, but not a lot of work being done. I used to have this mentality myself, that is, until I joined a wonderful program known as Groundwork Bridgeport, an organization dedicated to beautifying Bridgeport. Although many people don’t find Bridgeport very appealing, I see it as a city with a lot of potential.

Groundwork is centered in Downtown Bridgeport, and on my first day being a part of the program, we were required to go on a scavenger hunt. It was a very interesting experience because our leader just separated us into groups of 2 or 3, and sent us out on our own around the city with nothing but a piece of paper to show us what we needed to find and a reminder not to jaywalk. We could not use our cellphones to guide us and because there was a time limit, we didn’t really have the luxury to be on our phones anyway.

This gave us the opportunity to fully take in the sights our city and become familiar with the area. This was a few weeks ago, and recently we have been walking around different spots in the city where nothing has been done. It really opened our eyes to what spaces we could take advantage of. Mr. Tanner, our program leader, has given us a new activity which is to pick one of these blank spaces and decide what we could do with 500 dollars. It didn’t take long for our groups to really get creative with the idea.

We came up with many things such as bake sales, car washes, benches, flowers, trees, farmer’s markets, art galleries, and so much more. We made budgets, posters, sketches, and we soon began to realize that it was actually possible to put something together.

It was incredible to us that we could do so much with less than 500 dollars and a small part of Bridgeport. We can all do things to help our community, especially when many of us have the world’s information at our fingertips.

If you don’t want to start something, it probably isn’t hard to find a place to volunteer. We live here and it is our responsibility to make is better for the next generations.

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Beautifying Bridgeport