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Exercise Your Rights and Better Central


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“I hate central”, “Central is a dump”, “ What kind of school is this?”

How many times have you or your friends made these remarks? What have you ever done to change the things you were complaining about?

Education is your right and school is financed out of your taxes so if you don’t like something then protest. There is more to school than just the building. School is like a community and if you think the fundamentals have not been met then do something about it!

School is community like your city, like your state, like your country. As we grew up we saw people like parents, aunts, uncles complaining about how things are unfair but they never did anything about it. That changed our mentality, made us think that we couldn’t change those kinds of things. It starts off as laziness. People got too lazy to protest. As time passes we see how our elders never fought against what bothered them, which caused us to forget that we have the power to change what bothered us. Then we let the problems get bigger and now we don’t have the power for change as easy.

You don’t like that cafeteria food then protest against it!  You want a specific club then start it! You think your basic human necessities have not been met in the bathrooms then write a letter to your principal! Exercise your rights.

Learning to exercise your right in school is just the beginning. There is no way to undermine the importance of learning to exercising your right, you’d be making a difference, making the school better. If someone were to have talked to the administrators years ago, we wouldn’t have had to go through this. Now if we were to talk to administrators the next class would be spared the disgust of having no soap in the bathroom, spared the fear of shaking hands with classmates and the hesitation of asking the person next to them for an extra pen.

The relevance of learning to exercise your rights doesn’t stop in school, it would just teach you to exercise your rights in your community. For example you have a problem with having to eat genetically modified fruits and vegetables, then start a community garden. These small things, would lead up to bigger things. Start with bettering your school, leading up to bettering our city, bettering our country.


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Exercise Your Rights and Better Central