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Schizophrenia: Mania at the Brain


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When you hear a voice that you don’t see, remember, that’s not Jiminy Cricket who’s talking. Schizophrenia is a major mental disorder that is common within society. It causes those diagnosed to perceive reality as they see it, not as others do, creates delusions that seriously mess with people, and allows the ill to hear voices in their heads that no one can hear. It makes people think in an entirely different way as their movements can be self-annoying. Schizophrenia comes from a combination of genetics and the psychological state of an individual, which is an interesting topic I would like to discuss. The genetics part of schizophrenia is basically just if someone in your family had schizophrenia, there would be at least a 10% chance of getting it. The other half, the psychological state of an individual, is what interests me. The psychological state, or their sanity, can be affected by the environment and how they react to it. If an individual is thrusted into an environment that harshly damages them psychologically, then schizophrenia or another mental disorder can swoop in for the kill, or in this case, the breaking point where that individual will finally go mad, insane, or whatever term my generation uses for crazy.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they will be entirely insane. What will happen is that they may starting perceiving things differently than the normal human does. They might start thinking “What if life is…” or maybe “Everything I’ve known is a lie.” Either way, they don’t become unintelligent or lose their memories. It’s just a matter of an individual’s perspective based on how the environment has affected them in order to invoke that perspective in the first place. They will retain their memories and intelligence, just how they view life will change.

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Schizophrenia: Mania at the Brain