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There are a lot of conversations on whether or not the NBA should have the ability to draft played as the graduate from high school. Most people would disagree with the ability to draft high school because the parents of these children really want their kids to go to college and get an education before they get drafted. They want their kid to have something to fall back on in life just incase they have a career ending injury and they can no longer play in the NBA.

Even though it will help their child’s life by getting drafted to the NBA and they get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to help them to support themselves, most parents really want their child to have another career other than their basketball career. Parents don’t really think that if they don’t allow their child to get drafted right out of highschool there will be a smaller chance that they will be drafted in the higher rounds. The child may want to be drafted but their mom/dad may not want them to do that and as a child to always want to listen to your parents and not disobey them.

Even though you can go to college after a career ending injury because there is not really a age restriction when applying to a college, a parent does not want their child to still be in school when their 40 years old. If the NBA were to have the ability to draft players right out of highschool, NBA teams will be able to have a lot of young talent on their team. Then that means that the new young talent that is now in the NBA will have much time to prove themselves and show that they belong in the NBA and one day they hope that they can become a star in the NBA. So where do you stand on this topic?

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Straight To the Money?