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Hillary Clinton Running Mate Possibilities


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With the presidential race heating up, and the GOP Conventions ever approaching, the presidential candidates have to start thinking about who they want as their running mate. Choosing who’s on their ticket is an important part of a campaign. Candidates pick their running mates based on many factors, they have to make sure their partner is trustworthy and backs their every decision, but also the candidate has to make sure that their vice can bring more support for their campaign, both in voters and donors. Especially in this election, which is happening alongside Black Lives Matter and other movements, the candidates need to choose running mates that can relate to voters that they themselves cannot.

As Hillary Clinton is the current frontrunner for the Democratic Party (although by a much smaller margin than originally expected), the matter of who she will choose to be on her ticket has caused much speculation. Many have agreed that Clinton supporter, Secretary Julián Castro, is the most likely person for the job. Castro was the part-time Mayor of San Antonio, Texas from 2009 until 2014, and in 2014 he took a job as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Obama Administration, and is still there. Although he had only met Sec. Clinton before the election, he has met President Clinton on multiple occasions, even receiving political advice from time to time. He has come out and supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and even campaigned in New Hampshire for her. Castro would bring the Latino vote for Clinton, which would be especially valuable for her campaign because her opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders has seemed to really connect with Latino voters, taking an overwhelming percentage of the Latino vote.

But there’s another person who has the potential to be Clinton’s running mate, Secretary of Labor Tom Perez. He’s not very well known in the political community, except for his group of left-wing democrat friend. But this might be the main reason Clinton would choose him. He’s under the radar, and has a lot of credibility with some key influential people in the Democratic Party, and a few billionaires. Perez has been praised by his colleagues as a good speaker and someone who always knows what to do and when to do it. His small league of supporters say that he would be low-flying running mate, with not much pizazz, but enough to boost Clinton’s campaign to the Presidency.

Although there has been a lot of speculation on the topic, everyone can agree that Clinton will not be choosing her running mate any time soon. She is only the frontrunner for the Democrat Party by a small margin, with Sanders holding a having a surprisingly successful campaign. Both the Democrat and Republican candidates will most likely hold off on choosing their 2nd in command until after they win the nomination from their party.   

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Hillary Clinton Running Mate Possibilities