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Benefits of Catching Zs


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Let’s face it, there are not nearly enough teenagers getting enough sleep as they should be. Whether it be staying up late to finish that report that you procrastinated on, teachers who are out to get you and load you with homework, or perhaps you have already spent time on homework but stay up anyways to browse the internet, text your friends, or watch a good movie.

While there are plenty of reasons why students stay up late, there are also plenty of reasons about why students should lie down and get some shut eye. We all know the saying that “practice makes perfect”, but not many people know that sleep can play a role in this. While you sleep, your mind goes through a process of consolidation, which basically increases recall and helps you remember. The more you sleep, the more you practice retaining what you have learned or experienced. In school, memory is a really good tool to have especially with things like test taking. In other words, rather than trying to pack in  knowledge at 2 AM into your sleep deprived brain, take some time to sleep so that you will have a better chance of remembering.

Another benefit of getting a sufficient amount of sleep is that it can improve your attention span. Instead of falling asleep in the middle of class, you might actually be able to make sense of what the teacher is telling you. This can lead to the improvement of your grades and for some students relieve the anxiety of not keeping your grades up. For many students, school can cause stress and sleep can help with that. When better rested, your body can better control your blood pressure and help lower your levels of stress. It can also help some people fight depression as it improves mental stability.

Sleep can even help you on the road. Many teenagers are excited to get their license and start driving, however sleep deprivation can result in a car crash since it affects your ability to make decisions and how fast you react. Accidents can cost a lot of money but can also result in a serious injury and sometimes even death. As you can see, sleep can offer people a wide variety of benefits and while it might not grant you immortality, studies show that people do tend to live longer when they have had enough sleep. So, you may want to work on time management, get your homework done early, put the computer away, lay off of the horror movies, or whatever you need to do to ensure that you are catching enough Zs.

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Benefits of Catching Zs