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Talking to the Science Fair State Champ

Skylynn Reyes '16 strikes a pose next to her award winning experiment.

Skylynn Reyes '16 strikes a pose next to her award winning experiment.

Skylynn Reyes '16 strikes a pose next to her award winning experiment.


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The Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair was hosted on Tuesday, March 15th through Saturday the 19th, with the award ceremony being hosted on the same day. The science fair was hosted at Quinnipiac University, the same school that she plans on attending in the fall. Our very own Skylynn Reyes ‘16 won the Environmental Science award among all the science projects from the state of Connecticut. Skylynn has been saying that science consumes her life and it seems like this is true. I sat down with her and asked her a few questions to find out a little more about her and her experience and what her project really was.

CRITERION: So what was your project?

SKYLYNN REYES: My project was “Utilizing Biochar and Capsaicin as a Non-Toxic Systemic Agricultural Pest Inhibitor for Glycine max”. Glycine max is the name for soybeans.

CRITERION: Well, what is a pest inhibitor?

SKYLYNN REYES: Pest inhibitor restrain pests from consuming a product.

CRITERION: What inspired this project?

SKYLYNN REYES: Soybeans are the second largest crop grown in the United States and so developing a systemic pest inhibitor would be cost efficient and would require less manual labor.

CRITERION: How was this experiment conducted?

SKYLYNN REYES: So basically what I did was grow three groups of plants: control, biochar supplement and capsaicin infused biochar. Then I exposed the plants to a model organism and observed leaf damage. Then I conducted another trial where I observed solely bio mass.

CRITERION: What did you find?

SKYLYNN REYES: As a right now the capsaicin is in fact inhibiting the pest.

CRITERION: How could these results be applied on a practical level?

SKYLYNN REYES: This could be used on a huge scale by many crop companies.

CRITERION: Do you plan on studying environmental science in college?

SKYLYNN REYES: I do not plan to go on into this field but I am glad I had the experience of conducting a year long experiment.

CRITERION: It must have been very competitive at the fair. What was it like over there?

SKYLYNN REYES: There were 300 projects there so there was definitely an atmosphere of competition. To my surprise, everybody was actually very nice.

CRITERION: How do you feel now that you won?

SKYLYNN REYES: Feels great. On to Texas.

Skylynn will be competing in a national science fair in Houston, Texas on April 26th. Hopefuly, she will win once again and bring home a national award.

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Talking to the Science Fair State Champ