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Reflection on Senior Quotes


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Senior spring is rapidly approaching, which means that seniors are finally relaxing and kicking back. The only problems that seniors are facing right now is worrying about what they are going to be wearing for prom. However, many seniors recently have been struggling with something else: coming up with a senior quote.

Everyone wanted to look as great as possible when it was time for the yearbook pictures because we care about how we’ll be seen in 20 years when our peers look back at our yearbooks. An essential part of your image is the quote that you choose to represent you. The yearbook quote should represent your time in school or maybe represent your beliefs. Either way, seniors seem to really care about this.

Miguel Alvelo ’16 said that he wants his senior quote to be funny. He said that this is an absolute priority for him and that he wants his yearbook quote to represent his sense of humor. On the other hand, Jonathan Hartley ’16 looks for inspirational quotes. “I have to feel motivated.” he said. He said his quote was “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard” by Kevin Durant.

Other students like Dennicia Mercado ‘16 wants her quote to represent her good times in high school. Her quote is going to be “Shoutout to all my boy$” representing all the fun that she had with her friends these last 4 years. Lastly, certain students want their quote to represent the way they want people to see them. For example, Ruben Roman ‘16 wants to use a quote from a sports broadcaster, a career path he hopes to follow.

One’s senior quote is meant to represent who we are, all the things we believe in and how one feels about high school. Many seniors are struggling to find a good senior quote since there is no denying that clearly many people care about this.

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Reflection on Senior Quotes