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Obama Fights for Gun Control


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On this past Tuesday, President Obama declared in a morning address that he would be taking executive action to help solve our nation’s epidemic of mass shootings and gun violence. In his address, President Obama stated that he would be enacting “a series of common-sense executive actions” to tackle the problem of gun violence. The first action the White House will be taking is to enforce tighter rules for background checks for buyers. This plan would put tougher restrictions on who can and can’t become a gun dealer, in an effort to put more competent people in charge of doing the background checks on gun buyers.  

The President was very emotional in giving his speech, even to the point of tears after he mentioned Sandy Hook. He said he was fed up with the excuse that “common-sense reforms like background checks might not have stopped the last massacre, or the one before that, so why bother trying.” Almost 21 million guns purchases that had background checks performed on them in 2014. But in that same year, more than 8 million guns were sold in, surprisingly legal, ways that did not require background checks to be performed, and there are no statistics for how many guns were sold illegally that year. After President Obama’s speech, dissenters of gun control quickly took to the internet to voice their opinions. The National Rifle Organization, strong supporters of anti-gun control Congressmen, said that Pres. Obama’s speech was “devoid of facts”. The Republican Presidential candidates have also been quick to condemn the executive order as “unconstitutional”. But Hillary Clinton and numerous gun-control advocates have supported the action as a step in the right direction.

Since, Congress has proven itself completely unwilling to act on the subject of gun control, many view Pres. Obama’s actions as long overdue. But anti-gun control activists claim that the executive order goes against their second amendment right to bare arms. Due to the recent unsuccessful attempt to pass an executive order to grant citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants, the White House is making sure that this executive order is bulletproof and cannot be overridden by Congress.

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Obama Fights for Gun Control