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Tragic Death of Temixco Mayor Gisela Mota


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Isn’t this a doozy. Temixco spent the second, third, and fourth day mourning. Do you know what they were mourning for those three days? They were mourning the loss of Gisela Mota, their recently assassinated mayor in office for a day.
That’s right folks, she was only mayor for a DAY. Then after she was sworn in as mayor, she was gunned down by 5 five assailants, 3 of which were brought in while the other 2 were killed by police during a chase. Mota was apparently tied up, beaten, and shot in the head at her own home. She had sacrificed herself to the assailants to protect her mother, father, and newborn nephew. Apparently, the men were paid by the Los Rojos drug gang for no more than $30,000. It was a shame for Temixco, because all Mota wanted to do was eliminate crime in a “frontal and direct manner.” Her goal for Temixco was to eliminate the organized crime groups in the town, who were suffering from kidnappings and extortion from these groups. The Los Rojos gang killed Mota in order to send out a warning to those who try to place the city and its urban police out of their “unified command.”
Let’s look back at Temixco: Temixco, a residential district of Cuernavaca, was once a tourist getaway for people of Mexico City, which was 2 hours away, populated by 100,000 people. It was once controlled by the Beltran Leyva gang, until the gang collapsed in 2011, in which gangs began competing for the territory after Beltran Levya’s demise. The gangs that have been at it today since are Los Rojos and the Guerreros Unidos, a gang in Temixco’s neighbouring state, Guerrero. After Mota’s death, people set up wreaths where they read “You were my hope” and some placed flowers on Mota’s grave.
Mota’s death is estimated to be the 100th mayor assassinated by gangs, showing their need to not have anymore police to bust any of their operations. There have been efforts to clean out corrupt local police, and although Temixco has been a part of those efforts, in a city that has practically ruled by gangs who don’t care who gets caught in their crossfires, the efforts seem to have minor effect. So where are the 3 remaining assailants? Recently, the three remaining assailants have been revealing information to the authorities after their capture. So far, they have revealed the location of 4 buried bodies in secret graves, which the police have recovered.
The State Attorney believes that the assailants are tied other crimes that had been going on. Details are still coming as of this article, so there may be details that may be changed or added that I have not written into this article. This whole scenario shows one of my beliefs that even if there are people that want to change the world into a more peaceful one, there are still those who prefer the world they live in, violent and vicious, just so they too can join the madness that goes on today. But I also believe that for the people, the thing is that we are afraid of change, because we don’t know what can come out of it. We can either have a success with it or have the whole world going down because of  it. Unless a Delorean comes out of nowhere and the driver tells us what we did wrong, we, as the whole world, should be aware of what is going on and how we affect it and how it affects us.
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Tragic Death of Temixco Mayor Gisela Mota