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Lucid Dreaming – the Key to Controlling Your Dreams


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Dreams can let you face your own fears, have wild adventures, and become the ultimate escape from the rules of reality, but what if you could be aware that you’re dreaming? Even more than that, what if you could control your dreams in a world that is only limited by your imagination, where anything could happen? This natural phenomena is called lucid dreaming and it is totally possible and even trainable.

No one actually knows why we dream or even how we do it. There was once a theory going around saying that if you dreamt of your crush, then they were thinking about you. It’s actually quite the opposite, if you dream about someone or something it’s usually because you’re thinking about them or it’s somewhere in the back of your mind. One theory claims that it has something to do with your prefrontal cortex, which is located towards the front of your brain and it has to do with reflection of thought. Technically speaking, the more self-reflective you are, the more likely you are to master lucid dreaming. However, you don’t have to be extremely aware of yourself to be aware of dreams. Maybe you already lucid dream but you just don’t know it.

Humans have approximately 5-7 dreams per night and we just can’t recall them. One way to control this is by keeping a dream journal. It could help you point out things that wouldn’t normally happen like being able to fly and such. Not only does it help you to control dreams, but it enables you to remember. What’s the point in being able to control dreams if you can’t even remember having them? Here is another problem, lets say you do actually get to lucid dream and then wake up as soon as you start. If you feel like you’re waking up in a dream, then spin. Not actual spinning physically but if you can control your dream avatar to move, then make them spin. Apparently it’s harder for your brain to contradict the situation that you are sleeping when you are in motion. However, despite all the people who claim that this is true, there are still skeptics out there who say that when you lucid dream, that you’re not actually dreaming and that you are actually in a sleep like state.

You can’t really know unless you try it yourself and considering that we spend about ⅓ of our lives in bed, you have a lot of time to experiment with lucid dreaming.

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Lucid Dreaming – the Key to Controlling Your Dreams