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Central’s Exciting New Clubs


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New Years bring new clubs. The new clubs that started here at central include debate club and art club.

Debate club: This is the first debate high school league in the history of Bridgeport. This is a perfect club for people who like talking, arguing, and proving people wrong but, if that’s not you then I’ll give some more fantastic reasons for you to join.

The skill of being able to persuade is generally a very important skill, and showing that in your free time you attend debates, it looks great on college applications. Being in the Debate club would also increase your skill in writing essays, your taking skills, and social skills. Those of you who think that you shouldn’t join debate club because you never debated before, there is a first time for everything, and in time it will come naturally. As a debate club member myself, I would very much recommend you coming. So if you’re interested talk to Ms. Macnamara and Ms. Reed. If you’re still a bit iffy about it, then I would say to check out the past debates.

Art club:  Art club, unlike debate club, was present in the past at central; however, it died out. Art club was put together by two senior pair of twins, Bethzua Garcia and Damaris Garcia. According to the twins, Art Club is a place filled with your own imagination, where your reality is built and where adventure toward having a great time comes into play. It’s like saying lights, camera, action, where the art you make is all based on the story you want to tell. It’s a place where you can form a bond with amazing people and make beautiful memories with your friends through gaining new skills, learning new things and making the best out of your day. We look to improve our school, lift up the spirits of our peers through motivation, form events where we can all come together and perform acts of community service to better our world. Art Club is full of laughs and if you want to have a great time, share ideas and make things happen.

Example of projects for art club:

The things they have done thus far is,

-raised $89 in two days for our dog heroes; who served us with their assistance as police and military dogs

-made a mural for the Center of Family Justice in support of people who have been abused or not gained justice in their case

-did service with BuildOn

Now things we are planning to do for the new year includes:

-International Institute of CT Project-help to bring refugee families into our city (Map making)

-Story Telling Project (hear stories from our elders and discover new things about them)

-Art Show and Craft Fair

-Make mural for cafeteria

-Make posters filled with motivation for our school

and much more!

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Central’s Exciting New Clubs