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Terrible Fire Destroys Bridgeport Condo


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A fire started in the basement/garage of a condominium on  corner of Main and Charles Street from a car. Officials are still investigating what in the car may have started the fire. No lives were lost, but many lost their belongings and christmas presents. A man was saved on third level of the building and was sent to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation and a firefighter is being treated for minor injuries. The fire damaged the four story, 36 unit building so badly that part of the condominium’s structure had collapsed. Since it collapsed, the city called for an emergency demolition that is taking place for safety precautions for surrounding buildings or neighbors of the burnt down condominium.

The fire was so intense that it was rated as an extreme fire. Some people reported losing pets as well of their furniture and important items in their apartments. This was an especially horrible time of the year for this to have happened considering it was around the holidays and New Year’s. An acquaintance who lived there said he had to get his dog out of the apartment. His family was luckier than the ones that had pets. Even though this was tragic, no lives were lost.

This fire had bad endings but one surprising thing happened. Bridgeport’s new mayor, Joe Ganim, took the children who lost everything to the Trumbull Mall to buy them clothes to replace what they lost in the horrible fire. After his past Ganim’s reputation wasn’t that appealing in the eyes of many citizens but we can see the mayor’s kindness in his attempt to turn a terrible situation around.

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Terrible Fire Destroys Bridgeport Condo