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Revenge is has been known to “cleanse the soul” and “clear the conscious”. American Horror Story Hotel (AHS) Season 5 is based on vengeance and clarity. Episode 10, called “She Gets Revenge” is based solely on that.

Initially and due to the past episodes, one of which being “She Wants Revenge” AHS is focused on all the hardships the Countess (Lady Gaga) has faced in her “eternal” life. Viewers are lead to believe that the next episode is about the Countess getting her revenge on all of those who have betrayed her. The season began showing the tough, “no joke” side of the Countess (Lady Gaga) but soon enough, her true emotions are portrayed when she loses her only true loves (there are two), almost loses her only child, and is cheated on by nearly all of her lovers except Donovan, who is the only one she officially breaks up with – she tries to murder the rest.

The Countess’s recent anger and betrayal has all of the residents and employees fearing for their lives and trying to get on her good side again. Alex gets clear of the life-endangering fury of the Countess by imprisoning the rabid group of vampire children, whom she turned to vampires, into the abandoned “tomb” where the Countess’s first loves were held. Iris assumes she is safe because she helped Donovan lock Ramona (Angela Bassett), who cheated on the Countess nearly 3 decades ago in their previous relationship, into the same hallway that the children are locked in (Ramona eats the children).

James March, the Countess’s ex husband, trapped her true loves in the tomb after the Countess’s lustrous affair with the two lovers. However, James is already dead so there isn’t much she can do to him. John has little to no affiliation with the Countess so far so he is safe. Liz refused to help or even look at the Countess after she killed Liz’s one true love, Tristan Duffy. In the episode, Iris (Donovan’s mother) plans to kill herself with the help of Liz who puts an array of weapons on the bed. In pure jealousy and irrational fear of losing the Countess to one of her true loves, Donovan kills him to eliminate the competition.

Things seem to be at peace between the Countess and Donovan finally, but not for long. Changing her mind about ending her life, Iris decides to make things better for herself and Donovan by killing the Countess. The episode ends with Liz and Iris marching into the Countess’s suite, guns blazing, with “Hotline Bling” playing in the background. Once again we are left with a cliffhanger. Viewers are unaware of whether or not the “dangerous duo” (Liz and Iris) successfully killed the Countess or if Donovan was caught in the crossfire. With the season coming to an end soon, there is no way to determine what could happen next. Looks like we have to wait and see.

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Catch Up on AHS Hotel (Season 5)