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Hey Arnold, You’re Back!


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The 90’s era of Nickelodeon was an era of cartoons galore. Spongebob Squarepants, Rugrats, Catdog; most of the cartoons that have become memorable today have originated from this point of time. While one show managed to stay on air to this day, Spongebob Squarepants, most of Nickelodeon’s arsenal of good shows went down, knowing that their time was over. Today, not all of Nickelodeon’s cartoons have been good, like Pig Goat Banana Cricket.

A notable cartoon, and one of my favorite shows to this day, Hey Arnold, is getting a reboot. For those who don’t know, Hey Arnold was a show featuring Arnold (Lane Toran), Gerald (Jamil Walker), Helga (Francesca Smith), and other residents and the problems that they dealt with in their neighborhood. What was memorable about the show were the real life problems characters faced in episodes such as child neglect, addiction, and etc.. My favorite episode was Arnold’s Christmas, where Arnold and Gerald try to find and reunite Mr. Hyunh’s (Baoan Coleman) daughter, Mai, who were separated during the Vietnam War at the Fall of Saigon. It was never directly said, but the background and Mr. Hyunh’s description implied it. To be fair, Arnold’s grandfather, Phil (Dan Castellaneta) beat up Hitler, and gave him a wedgie without any censorship. The last two part episode (The Journal) had Arnold finding a journal describing his parents’ life before they left. At the end, Arnold found a map that detailed his parents’ journey. That was about it besides the movie. The first movie was about Arnold preventing his neighborhood from being torn down to construct a mall from where it stood. A sequel was planned to have Arnold find his parents in North America using the map he found in The Journal. However the sequel was cancelled due to the first movie’s unsuccessful premiere and the idea was scrapped.

Now that I’ve talked about the history of Hey Arnold, let’s get to the details of the show. The first thing that needs to be addressed is that the show will have a redesign, meaning that the art style is going to look different than the original show. No needn to worry though, Arnold is still a football head. Furthermore, the first thing that will be produced is a TV movie that follows the plot to the sequel. This means that the movie will take place after The Journal. It will answer things about the series like what happened to Arnold’s parents and what the heck is Arnold’s last name. The last thing is that after this movie Nickelodeon will look at other shows to determine if they should have a reboot too.

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Hey Arnold, You’re Back!