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You’d really think that ISIS( or ISIL as Obama states it) couldn’t go far enough with their attacks like in Paris. Their next attack wasn’t as devastating, but was equally heartbreaking to residents. Couple Syed Ritzan Fook and Tashfeen Malik shot down 14 people and injured 21 people in an armored van before they were shot in the van by authorities. Luckily, their 6 month daughter was left in the care of Fook’s mother before the carnage began. The question is why did they do this?
The simple answer is that they took on the extremist path to the Islamic path, which we all know leads to joining ISIS. To give my opinion on the Islam religion, I have nothing against Muslims or their religion. They are still people, but with different beliefs and no one should force someone to believe their own. There are people like me that still respect Muslims, but the reason why others fear or disrespect them is ISIS. ISIS or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (or ISIL, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), was formed in 1999 by Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi, who started his own terrorist camp as well as meeting Osama bin Laden, although he never joined Al Qaeda. He started ISIS as the Islamic State of Iraq as they didn’t take over Syria yet. Eventually the group became what they are today. The goal of ISIS/ISIL is to create a government based on their religion or a caliphate  and their ideals on a extreme level, hence the term extremist group. Besides their goals of creating a religious government, like all terrorist groups, they create fear around the world to ensure the plans of their goals will succeed.
The real question is to why they joined ISIS/ISIL. There are many reasons surfing around the web. Everyone knows that Malik pledged her and her husband’s allegiance to ISIS/ISIL on Facebook, but most people don’t know as to why they did so. Some say that one of them had a dispute with employees at their office and others say were radicalized. One thing that people fail to mention is that ISIS/ISIL didn’t even tell them to attack. They did the attack on their own to show their loyalty. They even planned the attack and thought pulling it off years earlier, but they didn’t due to the attacks going on in their neighbourhood and they didn’t do so until this month.
As of now, details are still coming out about the attacks and not a lot of it is actually helpful. But right now, ISIS/ISIL are planning their real attacks on major cities such as New York and Mexico City. Yes, I am not kidding. Authorities are thinking about whether or not the shooting is considered a terrorist attack. All we can do now is hope that the carnage level does not raise any higher than it does now.
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